Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh eM Gee - CLARA C

Yoha brohas!  At 7:00pm today, Clara C, a well-known YouTube music star, is playing at the Texas Union Ballroom!  And why am I blogging about it right now instead of being there to watch her play music?  Because the ballroom hit MAX CAPACITY (not to mention muh roommate and I were a few people away from the entrance)!!  Bummer!  Well, not that much of a bummer.  We aren't die hard fans although it would have been nice to see Clara perform live.

The first original song I've heard from her is "Offbeat" (above), and I really like it.  The lyrics are cute and clever, and it gives me a happy feeling.  It's probably one of the happiest songs I've listened to in awhile.  Her sound resembles what I like to call a "coffee shop soundtrack" (yes, a phrase inspired from All Time Low's own song "Coffeeshop Soundtrack") because when you listen to her music, you can just imagine yourself sitting in a coffee lounge sipping on delicious coffee, relaxing.  It's nice and calming especially with her lovely voice.  Her voice is so pretty, and it really ties the whole song together for me.

If you're having an off day, I definitely recommend listening to her music.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jay-Z "Lucifer" (Mako Reactor) - remixed by Team Teamwork

So lately I've been obsessed with listening to hip-hop and rap songs remixed with video game soundtracks. I used to listen to a lot of hip-hop and rap when I was in middle school but strayed away from it during high school and now college, but listening to these songs brings these genres of music back into muh life.

Basically what Team Teamwork does is mash-up rap songs with songs from video games.  I currently have three Team Teamwork albums consisting of more remixes: Ocarina of Rhyme, Super Nintendo Sega Genesis, and Vinyl Fantasy 7, which is probably muh favorite of the three, and this particular song is muh favorite.

First post is the deeeeeepest.....

Greetings people of the internet!  Welcome to muh blog - I hope you enjoy the posts I will be making here.  I'm still trying to see how this site works, so bear with me and the plainness of the site.

For this first post, I will briefly describe what muh blog will be about just so people can get a feel of what to expect - don't want anyone to get confused or overwhelmed!  I named it "A Day in the Life of a Music Junkie" because I will be posting countless music-related things on here.  I plan to make posts about:

1.  discovery of new bands
2.  concert journals
3.  musical updates
4.  (last but not least) the occasional band promotion

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy!