Monday, January 30, 2012

My Genuine Find "Heartbeat" Music Video

Once again, Bobby of My Genuine Find proves he's still king (the one of many I'm sure) of the music interwebs.  This video came out just yesterday (Sunday January 29th 2012), and it's already passed 5,000 views.  To me that is quite impressive for someone who still isn't signed and isn't under any management.  He's still flying solo and seems to be doing fairly well.

I have to admit that the first thing I thought of seeing this video is that this could almost potentially be the same prequel scene, if you will, to All Time Low's "Time Bomb" (below).  It's essentially the same concept except that Bobby stays in one spot and works.  Inspiration?  Who knows?  Maybe!

"Heartbeat" tends to be repetitive with its one-line chorus repeated multiple times, but usually Bobby's songs are written to be simple and easy to learn for fans.  To me, it's another one of his cutesy electronic pop creations to tie over his fans in between albums and such.  You be the judge and let me know what you think.

Driver F "Ghosts" Music Video

Driver F released their music video for "Ghosts," and it's gotten quite a bit of views already!  They recently played a show this weekend in my hometown - whaddup H-Town?! - which I unfortunately could not attend.

As far as the song goes, the music is very upbeat and dance-feeling.  The only thing that potentially irks me is the repetitiveness of the lyrics.  They basically chant the same words over and over again, which leads me to believe that the video is meant to be more visual.

One of the most unique things about this video is the use of the camera shots. Almost every second that passes is a new angle and camera placement, keeping the viewers on their toes. This might be at the discretion of one of the members, Andy Rector, but I could be wrong. It might have been a vision for all of the guys, but if I remember correctly from two years ago, Andy told me himself that he was a Radio-Television-Film major like me!  You can tell just by watching this that all the guys are energetic and could very well put on a great live performance, which they do!

It's been awhile since I've seen Driver F - last time was at Stubb's Inside here in Austin, Texas.  Ever since then I've been trying to book them for a free show here on campus, but things just never seem to work out...EXCEPT they will be playing the RockOutLoud showcase March 18th 2012 after all of the SXSW festivities with The Background, a pretty well-known band from Dallas, Lift Off and more!  And as the end of the video suggests, the guys have an album, Bury A Dream, they're going to release on February 24th 2012, so be on the lookout for that!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Boy Epic "Too Young To Love" music video

Y'all remember that "Wake The Dead" video released by Boy Epic back in October?  Well this weekend he released another music video titled "Too Young To Love."  Take a look!

Narrative wise, I like the video.  I feel like Matt was trying to go for a serious and intense story here.  Amidst the solo singing parts from Matt, the video shows footage of a young couple who experience the rollercoaster that is love.  There are good times and then there are bad times, but at the end of the day, they still love each other.

Once again Matt has the ability to engulf you with catchy melodies that you'll be singing randomly during the day.  I really like the simplicity of his lyrics because they are straight forward and anyone can easily relate to what he's singing about.  The song still has an electronic pop feel to it, but it has a different dynamic from "Wake The Dead."  I guess you could say this song is a ballad versus WTD's party sound.  I can see "Too Young To Love" being played at a club, but I can also see it being performed on stage at a music venue more than "Wake The Dead."

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Carter Banks stickam show and upcoming album

This guy right here, Carter Banks, has several goodies up his sleeves for everyone!  Take a gander to the video above to hear about how YOU can be a part of his upcoming album - you could be a possible producer!  That sounds awesome, right?  Watch the video for more details!  He recently released an EP on January 10th 2012, so be sure to check out those tunes as well.

In addition to the excitement of new music, he also will be hosting his very own stickam show next Tuesday (January 24th 2012) night at 8PM CST!  He'll be playing original songs along with cover songs, so don't miss out!  For a sneak peek at what you might be hearing, check out his song "Chemistry" (below).  Follow him on Twitter to keep yourself updated with Carter Banks news - he became a more avid tweeter thanks to moi!  Just kidding!

Get stoked guys and show some love for this Texas fella!

(Carter Banks - "Chemistry")

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


"It's Not Christmas Without You" by Victorious cast, Christmas Concert 2011
First and foremost, I want to appologize for my absence during the winter break, but now I'm back and ready to tackle on the blogosphere.  I hope everyone had a glorious holiday and a celebrative new year!  2012 is going to be a big year for everyone...including me!

I have exciting news!  Over the winter holiday, my sister, Tavy, and I met with two producers, and we are currently in pre-production!  We basically talked for hours about what will happen and what efforts will be made to get our music career started!  Not gonna go into much detail because everything is up in the air at the moment BUT let's just say that after a little more song writing, we will be hitting up the big studio in the near future!

Probably the highlight of my break because things are progressing musically for us!  We've been dreaming about making music since we were kids, and now our dreams are on their way!  And now....some shameless self-promotion:

Follow us on Twitter!
Check out our YouTube!
Listen to our Pure Volume!

I'll keep everyone updated with our music, so be on the lookout for future news!  Thank you to everyone who has supported us, and I personally wanna thank everyone who reads my blog and keeps up with it.  You guys are all awesome!

I See Stars new song "Filth Friends Unite"

It has begun.  I See Stars talked about releasing an album in 2012, and it has begun.  The boys had been talking about making the new album heavier, and heavier it is.  In the last month, "Filth Friends Unite," has served as a new raucous anthem for I See Stars fans (audio below).

I admit I haven't stopped listening to this song ever since they released it.  There is still a mix of hardcore and electronic pop, but I also hear tiny snippets of dubstep, which seems to be spreading like a virus.  What really gets me into the song is the pounding beat pulsing underneath Devin's bridge vocals (starting at 2:40) - I'm a huge sucker for infectious beats.  Just fair warning: don't let Jeff's screaming scare you cause it just adds to the song's intensity in my opinion.  "Filth Friends Unite" has recently been released onto iTunes, so check it out and grab it for yourself!  I can't imagine what the crowd would be like hearing this live.  I really wish they would come back to Austin.

Along with this new song, I See Stars also revealed the name of their new album, Digital Renegade, which will drop March 13th 2012.  Get stoked!  Currently they're on the "Leave it 2 the Suits" tour, so check their tour dates and see if they're playing in your city!

(I See Stars - "Filth Friends Unite" - start at 0:24)

The Autumn Advance Stickam Show

Ladies and gentlemen: mark your calendars for January 25th 2012 8:30PM CST!  A fellow friend of mine is hosting a stickam show that night, and you don't wanna miss it!  His name is Tripp Rowe, and he is The Autumn Advance.

You may remember Tripp snagging the #8 spot from my "Top Ten Shows of 2011," and here he is again playing another stickam show!  I don't know how many of you loyal readers have seen a live concert feed, but I think this is pretty cool!  Tripp will be playing all songs from his Love and Time Travel EP and a few covers from the comfort of Earmark Studios thanks to his friend and former bandmate, Phillip Wilson.

What's great about Tripp's music is that he's really honest in his lyrics.  It's not the repetitive, sugarcoated, and ultimately annoying music we hear on the radio - don't get me wrong, I like radio music too but come on.  Tripp in a sense pours out his feelings into his words about love.  His EP is on iTunes so go grab yourself some new music, or if you can venture to his YouTube page and watch him play original songs and covers!