Sunday, October 30, 2011

Screaming for Blood!

Thursday, October 27th, Cut Down Trees released a five song EP on iTunes consisting of electronic pop songs.  Electronic music has been his specialty ever since I've met Chris, and I think he works well in it.  On his Facebook page, he has three songs up: "Kill the Night," "Ash Martin," and "Screaming For Blood," which is my favorite.  He also helped produce Boy Epic's "Wake the Dead" - music and video - and they're currently working on more Boy Epic music videos.  If you liked the work done on "Wake the Dead," then you'll like Chris's stuff too.  Enjoy!

I can be your Hero baby

This is probably the first American Sign Language cover music video I've ever seen.  The performer is Sean Berdy, who got his big break from the ABC Family original series, Switched at Birth.  He's an actor on the rise and is becoming a voice for the deaf community.  Not only does he sing-sign but he's also a great dancer.  He has (err..HAD) a video on his YouTube page of him signing and dancing to Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel," and it was pretty awesome.  I would post it here, but YouTube took it down.

Another talent Sean has is drumming.  He's the drummer from Switched at Birth's band consisting of him, Austin Butler, and High School Musical's, Lucas Grabeel.  The next season premieres in January, so stay tuned for that!

"All I Want"

So Andy Biersack broke his nose.

For the second time in the past six months, lead singer, Andy Biersack, injures himself performing...again.  No broken ribs this time - just a broken nose.  Not just any broken nose...Biersack claims he "broke [his] nose down the center, splitting the bone."  Ouch.

Unfortunately this means that Black Veil Brides will be cancelling tour.  They've had to sit out for the rest of the Europe tour and won't be touring back in the US until after November 21st....the day AFTER I was supposed to see them, which ultimately means I CAN'T GO SEE THEM.  I'm a little disappointed, but I hope that Andy makes a quick recovery.

Honestly I am all for bands giving the greatest performance they can, but sometimes they can take it a bit far.  I have no doubts that Black Veil Brides put on an amazing performance, but if Andy's going to continue hurting himself onstage...they're going to develop a pattern of cancelling more tours, which is a disappointment.  Other than that, I still can't wait to see these guys live for the first time!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's The Good Life

Stereo Skyline released a teaser trailer and debut song, "That Everything," for their upcoming album, The Good Life, dropping November 1st.  For reasons I'm unaware of, the band is down two members, leaving only the lead singer, Kevin, and drummer, Rob.

Their sound has shifted from pop rock to just pop, and I don't know how I feel about it.  The melodies sound relatively the same, the music's sort of catchy, but I'm not jumping up and down.  Now that I think about it, before the band split, their last album, Stuck on Repeat, wasn't amazing - just mediocre.  The music's not bad to listen to, but I can easily skip these songs on my iTunes or my phone.

In November, they're going on tour in Japan with The Cab, EleventySeven, and The Summer Set, so this will be a good test run for the new stuff!  Let's see where these guys go!

(teaser trailer)

("That Everything")

This song has been out for almost a day now, and there is already a controversy attached to it.  Fans are accusing Stereo Skyline of copying the same exact song from One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful." 

I've never heard of One Direction before, but I seem them ALL over Tumblr.  I listened to both, and I have to side with the fans.  The songs sound VERY similar except One Direction's song is more pop rock based compared to Stereo's poppiness - plus the lyrics are completely different.  I wonder what Stereo's reaction to this is.

If he was hoping this would gain him more publicity or more popularity, I don't think his expectations will be met because he's getting a lot of negative criticism for this song alone.  Not to mention that One Direction's song is Stereo's in some hot water right now!

Everyone remembers Yellowcard right?  Well, THEY CAME BACK!  Technically been back for awhile now - saw them in April with All Time Low.  Anyway, the much anticipated music video for "Sing For Me" released today, and it's quite good!  The song is nice sounding, and the video is inspiring.  Not gonna say much so you can watch and enjoy!

Their album When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes released back in March, and they also released an acoustic version of this album on Monday.  Check them out!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Let's Be Honest

An ol' pal of mine is currently managing this band, Red Box Harbor.  They're a four piece pop rock band hailing from my hometown.  Their sound is pretty chill singing songs about love.  Seeing a pretty girl, not caring what other people say about them, and being hurt by love.

They have a show at A&M November 17th, so if you're gonna be there on that day, you should check them out!  They're also playing in Del Rio, TX December 3rd with The After Party.

I'm gonna say I'm a fan, but if I'm being honest, I'm not too crazy about them.  Though I wouldn't mind seeing them live!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Can you feel the Pressure?!

Went to the new Emo's East last night, and it's HUGE!  I actually wasn't that surprised because we have a place like that in Houston.  Anyway, saw my Houston boys from Versecity perform, and they were awesome as always!

First to perform was an Austin fellow, DJ Grip.  I'm not gonna lie, I'm not sure how to enjoy a DJ's performance unless I'm at a club which I wasn't.  I understand if Skrillex was playing because he plays his own stuff, but DJ Grip basically played existing hip hop songs and added random sound elements to them.  No one was really getting into the music.  It was sort of random.

Next was a pop/hip hop female by the name of Charlene Renee who's currently working on new music.  She only performed three songs in about a fifteen minute set, but I'll give her props for having catchy music - her songs have a good beat that anyone could dance to.  Overall, her vibe is essentially being seductive by wearing revealing clothing (or rather hardly any), singing with a sexy voice, and dancing provocatively.  I'm curious to see where she goes.

Finally Versecity played their set.  This was my third time seeing them, and seriously, every time I see them they get better and better.  They're one of the few bands that I listen to that are just rock music.  Not necessarily punk or alternative rock.  I have to say...these guys exude a great energy to the audience.  They legitimately look like rockstars onstage, and I absolutely love the vocal performance by lead singer, Micaiah.  Going to this show I was a little curious on how they would be received considering they were performing with hip hop artists (the headliner being Slim Thug), but they pulled it off.  They incorporated the rap stylings of 4th & Inchez with their rock sound, and it was really good!  While they were setting up onstage, I heard some people behind me taunting Versecity because they were obviously not a hip hop act, but by the end of their set, everyone applauded them and wanted to buy their latest album, #HYBRID.  I recommend taking a listen to the album, and more specifically listen to the song "Pressure" - that one is my favorite.  So after seeing Versecity perform and chatting with Micaiah, my friend and I left, so we didn't get a chance to see them perform alongside Slim Thug.

If anyone is going to be in Houston on November 19th, you should see these guys live!  They won't disappoint!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Time to Wake The Dead

Happy Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Day!  If you like zombies and if you like dancing or if you like dancing zombies, then watch this video!  I promise it's not Michael Jackson's "Thriller."  The video itself is quite trippy, so be prepared for flashing lights and quick camera cuts.  Half an hour ago, Boy Epic released the official music video for his new single "Wake The Dead."  It's a pretty good dance song with elements of electronic pop and some dubstep.  I can definitely hear this being played at a club.  As far as a song to play on tour?  Maybe?  Regardless, I'm just glad that after two years of telling people he's releasing music, he finally did it!  Good job, Matt!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

We knew that we were destined to explode.

While I was out seeing Panic! At the Disco last night, I had to miss another favorite band of mine, All Time Low, perform on Conan.  They played their song, "Time Bomb," off their summer-release album, Dirty Work.  Thankfully my lovely roommate DVR'd it for me, so I watched it when I got home.  I've never seen them perform on TV before (and apparently they've performed on Conan before), so this was something new for me since I've only seen them live.  The performance was a little more raw than I expected which could be explained by the fact that they're playing in a TV studio.  It's not exactly the same fulfilling effect as a live show, but I'm satisfied seeing them play regardless.

Unfortunately there isn't a good quality video of their performance on YouTube, so here's the actual song track from the album!  They're currently in the process of shooting the music video for this song, and I am STOKED beyond belief right now!  Can't wait!

This is a Rebel Love Song

Black Veil Brides released their music video for "Rebel Love Song" yesterday (October 19th).  It's not bad.  Not super impressed by it.  It's the typical "band-narrates-the-video's-story" type deal.  Girl sneaks out with "bad boy" boyfriend and defies the authority of her father which in turn makes her a rebel.

I'm not gonna lie, in this video, Andy looks like the lovechild of Marilyn Manson and Jeffree Star.  Not saying that's a bad thing - just an interesting observation since there is controversy around the band's look.

Another quick observation...the first part of the chorus reminds me of Jason Mraz's chorus from "I'm Yours" except not as staccato.  I feel as if various artists have songs similar to Mraz (more specifically Nick Jonas in Camp Rock 2).

One last thing, I must say that I'm a fan of the guitar solo starting at 2:30.

Oh Memories

Move over Tyler Ward because your short-lived spot of "best show ever" has been replaced by Panic! At the Disco.  Earlier this year, I saw Panic! for the first time in the five years I've wanted to see them, and they blew me away.  I'm glad Brendon and Spencer decided to keep this band alive after their departure with two former members.

The night opened with an Ohio-based band by the name of Foxy Shazam (above).  If I had to describe these guys in a would be ECCENTRIC.  While playing their music, they all danced around the stage like monkies, and it was quite entertaining.  The lead singer himself could be a comedian if he wanted to.  He tells funny stories that I could listen to all day.  In terms of music, it's difficult to categorize them because I felt as if they had different sounds in their set tonight.  All I know is that they put on a good show, and I wouldn't mind seeing them again.

photography by: Vicci Patneaude
Next up, is a name and face most people will recognize: Patrick Stump, formerly of the band Fall Out Boy.  Many people have told me wonderful things about his new solo project, so I was excited to see him perform.  Not gonna lie, I had high expectations for him tonight, and I'm glad to report that he exceeded them.  He blew me away.  I couldn't stop dancing to his infectious beats and sweet melodies.  He has a new sound that is different from Fall Out Boy, and I think his new niche works for him.  He claims Michael Jackson to be one of the influences for his new album (released Tuesday October 18, 2011), and the influences are evident.  I can't complain - I'm an MJ fan, and it was refreshing to hear some of it in Patrick's music.

photography by: Vicci Patneaude
Last but not least, one of my favorite bands, Panic! At the Disco.  They performed a mix between new songs off their recent album, Vices and Virtues, old songs off their previous albums, and a couple of cover songs.  Some time last week, lead singer, Brendon Urie had to sit out of a performance due to being ill, so I'm ecstatic that he was over his illness and ready to rock tonight.

I cannot emphasize enough how much energy a band exerts enhances the performance a lot. Each member gets sucked in the music, and it's so apparent on stage. Brendon alone gets in his zone and becomes incredibly energetic.  They never cease to amaze me.  Panic! is the epitome of talented performance.  Again, Brendon alone, he sings, he dances, he plays guitar, he plays the piano, he has a great falsetto and isn't afraid to belt it flawlessly, he has a great bass, and he can scream.  Is there anything this man can't do?  His vocals are the best part of the Panic! At the Disco experience.  His voice unique, and I am personally a big fan of him singing his falsetto into the stratosphere and when he screams.  Of course, his singing is amazing all around, but I love him just a little bit more when he really gets into his singing.

I'm currently listening to their music which I still love, but it doesn't even compare to their live performance in the slightest.  If anyone wants to know which band to lose their concert virginity to, I'd probably pick Panic! At the Disco.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You're amazing Just the Way You Are

Pierce the Veil released their rendition of Bruno Mars's "Just the Way You Are" for Punk Goes Pop Vol. 4 this week.  Maybe I'm not particularly picky about music, but any rockified cover song will always fly with me.  Needless to say, I like this rendition because Pierce the Veil did well making the song upbeat.  Can't wait for PGPV.4 to be released, and I definitely can't wait to see these fellas in exactly ONE MONTH!

We were meant to live for so much more!

After two years, I finally saw Anberlin live at Stubb's last night - I can't believe I didn't "like" them on Facebook beforehand.  An acquaintance of mine from New Jersey introduced me to this band, and I was intrigued by their alternative rock sound, very head nod worthy.

I only have one of their albums, New Surrender, which I listened to it for a good while, but like every other new album release, the hype dies down and pushes me to find something new to listen to.  But don't get me wrong, I never skip their songs whenever they come on shuffle.

Anyway, I saw them for the first time Tuesday night (10/18/11), and they were AHHMAZING live.  Their music alone is already energetic, but when they play it live, it's so much more energetic and intense.  Unfortunately, the lead singer, Stephen, had to leave tour for awhile due to family affairs, but the band welcomed Dan and Phil from Story of the Year to fill in.  They did a good job, and Stephen would have been proud.  Anberlin played a lot of good new songs, but I was ecstatic when they played two of my favorite songs from New Surrender: "Feel Good Drag" and "The Resistance" (below).

(The Resistance)

Switchfoot is the headliner for this tour raising money for the "Stand Up For Children" charity, and they were AHHMAZING as well.  Even though I was being elbowed and stepped on by these scrub teenagers who were trying to mosh next to me, I enjoyed listening to Switchfoot play.  Both bands exerted massive amounts of energy, and that's what I look for in bands' performances.  You can feel the passion behind Switchfoot's music and how much they truly love playing for audiences.

They played new songs from their latest album Vices Versus, and a majority of the set was mellow rock sounding, which wasn't bad!  I have to favorite song they performed was a classic Switchfoot song: "We Were Meant to Live."  It brought back so many memories of when I was younger.

Overall, I had a great time at Stubb's.  I went with my roommate, and it's funny because I went mainly for Anberlin while she went for Switchfoot.  Actually, I was surprised to see Stubb's crowded on a Tuesday night, but at the same time, I was glad to see a good turnout for the bands.  Well, the fun doesn't end here - I'm going out to La Zona Rosa tonight to see one of my favorite bands, Panic! At the Disco.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Say hello to the Goodnight Fellows

Another band handpicked from Bands That Need Love Too!!  These guys are a pop rock band from Pueblo, Colorado, and they're called Goodnight Fellows.  One word comes to mind when I listen to their songs: happy.  They've got this happy love song sound going on.  They sorta remind me of "Rhythm of Love" by Plain White T's (there's a cover of it on their page) meets "Don't Stop Now" by The Maine meets "Annabelle" by A Rocket to the Moon.  Definitely heard similar elements from each especially the guitar chords.

In general I like them, but I'm not crazy about them - they didn't WOW me.  If they were coming to town, I probably wouldn't go out of my way to see them play.  Take a listen and see for yourself!

Friday, October 14, 2011


How appropriate is this video for the month of October?  It definitely freaked out my sister.  Anyway, this is a fella from Dallas who just released this teaser trailer for his upcoming music coming out next Friday, October 21st.  This might sound sort of ... odd ... but since those are news clips edited together, was there a real breaking news story about a zombie apocalypse?!

His name is Matt Stallings whose band/stage name is Boy Epic.  For the past two years, people have been patiently waiting for his music to be released, and that day has finally arrived!  He's been working with Chris Shelton (also with a solo project: Cut Down Trees), and I'm quite curious to what these two dudes have been up to!  I imagine Matt's sound to be electronic.  That's really about all I can say just from knowing these two.  I'm pretty much in the same boat as you guys not knowing what to expect.  Guess we'll find out next week!

btw, if you are not a fan of electronic/electronic pop music, then maybe you shouldn't be reading this post.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

It was Like At First Sight

Here's another Texas act you all should know - muh friend, Carter Bryant Banks.  He's from McKinney, Texas and is currently working on a solo project.  His songs are really cute and talk about getting that butterfly feeling when you see someone attractive.  Overall his songs are happy and fun with the exception of a dubstep song called "Coke & Rum," which is pretty obvious about what it's about.  He calls it "dubstep," but I think it's more of electronic pop.  Recently he released a song titled "Chemistry" - another cute song (below).

Carter's been working hard on his music with Malachi Mason, a band mate of Dallas-bound Taylor Thrash, so it'd be superb if you checked out his stuff!  Be sure to "like" his Facebook page too!  My personal favorite is "Honestly Amazed by You."  Start there if you don't know which one to listen to first!

The Playlist by carterbanks

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Don't make plans on October 22nd...

...because the Houston boys are coming to Austin.  They'll be playing at Emo's East on Saturday October 22nd between 9 and 11PM.  Don't miss out!  If you don't know who I'm talking about or need to refresh your memory, click here to get a sense of who these fellas are!  I hope to see some of your faces at the show!

Open Mic Night at UT

Well this post is gonna feel weird without a visual...

So Music and Entertainment Committee is hosting an open mic night next Thursday (October 20th) at the Union Patio!  We wanna showcase all the talent that is here on campus, so if you want to perform for your fellow peers or if you know someone who would like this opportunity, PLEASE sign up at the Student Events Center!  For more information about the open mic night go to the Facebook event page and follow the MEC Twitter for updates!

I'm Doin' Alright

Artist Vs. Poet released their single today called "Doin' Alright."  The song reminds me of the sound of Forever the Sickest Kids with somewhat similar melodies and even the intonations of the lead singer's voice.  I'm not exactly jumping for joy listening to it, but I'm not saying, "blech," either.  They've still got that pop rock sound going on, and I can dig it.  It's doin' alright.  Their new EP drops next month, so stay tuned for that!

Ellen posted Christina Grimmie's performance!

Here's the video of Christina and Tyler peforming "How To Love" that was taken down yesterday.  Ellen posted it on her YouTube channel.  Thank you Ellen for having these two lovely artists on your show!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Liar, Liar

Christina Grimmie performed on Ellen, and the episode aired today.  She totally RAWKED it!  Unfortunately I was in class when it came on TV, but I did watch her interview and small performance with Tyler Ward on YouTube before YouTube took it down.  She also performed her latest single "Liar, Liar" live, and she is just amazing.  It's been two short years, and she's achieving the fame and recognition she deserves.  You go, Grimms!

Christina has an album on iTunes titled Find Me, and you should definitely check it out.  My personal favorite song is "Advice," so listen to that if you want a good starting point.

I am disappointed that YouTube took down her and Tyler's performance of a cover of Lil Wayne's "How To Love."  Quite honestly, I like it better than the original probably because it's a rockified rendition of it.  What do you think?


I was advised by a friend to listen to Ed Sheeran, and I did!  Ed is a singer songwriter from London who plays happy, heartfelt mellow songs.  Some of them are acoustic, some are electronic pop sounding, and some are the mixture of the two.  Either way, his music is kool - I really like his sound (not to mention his British accent while he sings)!  I can't think of any other word than chill to describe his music.  As every song opens almost every single time, I imagine a music video sequence of someone waking up in the morning to sunlight seeping through the blinds.  In a sense, he reminds me of YouTube star, Tyler Ward, or vice versa. They both have nice voices complimented by a guitar.  The songs that aren't acoustic - I feel like they can be on the radio.  They've got a good beat, catchy melodies, and they make you nod your head ("You Need Me, I Don't Need You").

Go listen to "U.N.I." because he does a ridiculous fast rap at the beginning, and that really caught my attention. 

It looks as though he's staying put in the UK - sad, I'd like to see this fellow live. 

Tyler Ward

Had a spontaneous trip to San Antonio to see Tyler Ward live.  Tyler Ward is the latest and hottest YouTube star on the rise and getting more popular every single day.  He makes many covers of popular songs on the radio that instantly get millions of views, and he works on collaborations with other up-and-coming YouTube users.  Before tonight, I wasn't a big, big fan, but my sister and my friend are so I decided to see him live since I had the opportunity.

On this tour, Tyler has been travelling solo with his band, but for the Texas tour dates, my friend's friend, Alyssa Bernal, was invited to open for him.  She has a very pretty voice and definitely has stage presence.  Her songs are very catchy and mellow, and my favorite one is called "Cali, Cali, Cali" which is about loving the state of California.  She has a 3 song EP out right now that can be purchased on iTunes, and she's currently anxiously anticipating the release of her new album November 1st!

The main attraction of the night, of course, was Tyler Ward.  I have to say that I was very impressed with his performance because from what I knew about him, he's made himself famous for making covers and playing originals on his acoustic guitar, but when him and his band took the stage, I was not expecting what they had in store for the night at all.  There are 8 members to this band consisting of: Tyler, Alex and Jess (backup vocals and soloists), Epic (rapper), bassist, pianist, drummer, and lead guitarist.  A diverse mix of instruments and sounds, and they make an amazing sound.

Immediately after they arrived on stage, their energy was the first thing the audience can notice because they're all seriously pumped up and having fun up there - it really shows.  Another impressive thing that stood out to me is their genre range.  They literally played a spectrum of different music from acoustic to pop rock to alternative to soft rock, country rock, jazz rock, hardcore, hip hop, and probably a few more.  The 90 minute set list consisted of both original songs and cover songs, but even with the covers, they still rocked the venue.  If I had to choose a favorite would have to be "Party Rock Anthem" only because it was the most energetic song they played AND they all shuffled on stage in sync.  The entire band moves in unison, and that's awesome to see.

I have to say that Tyler Ward and his crew are a group of genuinely talented people.  Alex (pictured on left of Tyler) is his neighbor who just happens to have an amazing voice, and Jess (on right) was discovered by Tyler and invited to join them on tour because she also has a phenomenal voice.  Epic is Tyler's friend who is an entertaining stage presence as a rapper, and the rest of the band is sick as hell on their instruments.  Everyone on stage is talented and each contribute themselves to make this band great.  They're not just another band hoping to get the praise and screams of millions of fangirls (although they did have some fangirl screaming), but Tyler and the gang have an audience of girls, guys, youngins, and even adults.  They appeal to everyone.

Although Tyler is an artist, he also loves to produce music.  He's well-known to find potential stars gaining popularity on YouTube and collaborating with them to record covers, helping them gain even more popularity.  In a sense, he has "The Midas Touch" - anyone he reaches out to turns to gold.  He's just a well-rounded guy who deserves to be in this industry and not to mention he's a cool dude to hang out with!

Man, I gotta say, I haven't been to a show THAT GOOD in a long time.  It's probably the best one that I've been to ever just because they all have the entire package and present themselves very well.  A great future lies ahead for everyone in that band, and I expect to hear more good music.  Can't wait for them to be back in Texas again!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Michael Ian Black Rawks

Michael Ian Black (plaid shirt) and MEC crew
MEC's first event was a success!  Lots of people showed up to see Michael Ian Black, and as for my first time seeing him perform, he really is funny!  I had never heard of him before until the first meeting of MEC when our president, Travis, announced this event.

Most comedians work their comedy through ethnic humor, but Michael doesn't.  He tells real-life stories (though beefed up with the funny) that anyone could relate to and tells them in the most hilarious ways.  From his hour long performance, he told the audience about embarrassing stories from his life such as going to a strip club, a hotel bathroom experience, his first time smoking pot, the makings of his first child, and his first time skydiving.  Pretty major ordinary instances in a person's life, but he makes them funny.

Again, I know he's not a musician or artist BUT he did do a funny impression singing Creed's "With Arms Wide Open" - now that was funny.

On behalf of MEC, I'd like to thank Michael for coming down to Texas and giving a good show.  MEC has many more events planned for the semester (and year), so I hope some of my friends come out and have a good time!  We have Blues on the Patio in about two or three weeks coming up and also an open mic night!  Hope to see some peeps there!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let there be LIGHTS

A lot of people I know are big fans of LIGHTS.  I don't know how I never sat down and listened to her music.  Her album Siberia dropped yesterday, October 4th, and everyone was making a big deal about it so I decided to take a listen.

Honestly, it's not UHMAZING but it's not terrible either.  It's just okay.  This album has a rather slow tempo feel to it, real mellow.  I'm not gonna lie... when I heard the song "Everybody Breaks Glass," I could have sworn it was Selena Gomez singing. Yikes! moment.  I haven't heard an electronic pop female artists before, and I think it suits her.  If she was going for "pretty girl make pretty music," she has my vote.  I'm not too sure that her pretty voice would work well with the sound of rock instruments because she doesn't have a powerful voice.  Now I'm curious to see her live.  Probably sings with her Mac at shows.

A friend showed me this song before, and I prefer this over most of Siberia.  You gotta admit, the music video is really cute.  Maybe that's why I like this song more.  If I were to listen to LIGHTS, it'd probably when I'm doing homework or something.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You can't catch me na, na, na, na, na, na, na

So a few buddies of mine released their music video today.  Check it out: The After Party's "Secret Lover"

Just a disclaimer, this video is rather silly so don't take it too seriously.  I certainly can't.  I was laughing my ass off half the time.  The overall silliness is just their personalities - they like to have fun with their music.  If you want a more serious (yet fun) video you can watch "Can't Stop."

TAP is made up of four guys: Brandon, Andy, Alan, and Kenny.  They're from Manhattan, Kansas but act like they're from Texas, and they love making music. They play pop rock that makes you wanna move your feet, jump up and down, and dance like there's no tomorrow. Essentially it's a big dance party.

Don't let their crazy antics fool you, these guys know what they're doing, and they're slowly making their way up to the top.

Michael Ian Black

I apologize the image is not the best quality, but Michael Ian Black will be at the Texas Union Ballroom on Thursday October 6th!  I realize he doesn't do anything musically, but I think that anyone who's a student at UT should attend!  If you're interested, you can go pick up tickets at the SAC Ticket desk on the first floor - just make sure you have your school ID on you.  Tickets will also be available at the door, but they might sell out so better safe than sorry!  Did I mention that it's FREE!  Thursday evenings are when the weekend starts, so kick it off by seeing this hilarious comedian!

This event is hosted by the Student Events Center and Music and Entertainment Committee.  Music and Entertainment Committee does what it sounds like it does: brings music and entertainment to the UT campus!  We reach out to artists, bands, comedians, and other people in entertainment to provide shows for students and faculty.  Last semester we were a part of the new Student Activities Center grand opening by having a week of entertainment.  Our two most popular events were Zach Braff and Bo Burnham!  Many are probably familiar with Forty Acres Fest (2010 - Big Boi, 2009 - Girl Talk), which is MEC's biggest event of the year!

So everyone should definitely come out on Thursday if you're not too busy!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Rebel Love Song

You love them, you hate them, you love to hate them.  Black Veil Brides have released a teaser trailer for an upcoming music video for their song "Rebel Love Song" - I just love that song title.

The trailer's only 33 seconds long, but I feel as if I've been sucked into an old film from the 50s.  The kind of films that you go see at a drive-thru.  With it being in black and white, the marquee, the dramatic I'm such a film nerd sometimes.

Anyway, the actual song itself off of their latest album Set the World On Fire sounds sort of happy - much different from their previous album We Stitch These Wounds.  I can definitely picture some of the clips used synced with the music.  It'll be interesting to see.  There is no exact date established, so we'll all just have to wait patiently!

Everything's an Illusion

Mayday Parade will be releasing a self-titled album tomorrow, October 4th, but today they have the entire album streaming.

I feel like their sound has changed just a tad, but I can't put my finger on it.  Sometimes I hear a tiny hint of country rock, a dash of pop rock, but still hear a pinch of their normal pop punk rock.  Some of the songs have slowed a little in tempo - not quite ballads - the songs are upbeat, but not as upbeat as their old songs that audiences can easily jump to.  Well, at least from the upbeat songs that I have in my iTunes.  So far, my favorite on the album is "Oh Well, Oh Well."  Mayday Parade still sing of lost love and heartache, and I love it - though that in itself sounds pretty depressing.

These guys will be playing in Austin on November 8th at the new Emo's East on The Noise Tour Powered by Journeys along with We Are the In Crowd, You Me At Six, There For Tomorrow, and The Make.  Be there or be square!

Feeling a Little Lo?

The Daily Texan describes them as "a very fine balance between the intimate gauzy dynamics of a minimalist pop group while retaining all the bombast of an indie rock group."

Well after hearing the band, Little Lo, you won't be feeling so low anymore!  This group of people are a local band from Austin and right here on the UT campus!  I've met about half of them cause we work together in the Music Entertainment Committee, and I was supposed to see them play last semester but couldn't go.
The sound is interesting.  I hear a diverse mixture of instruments: the typical rock instruments with strings and brass instruments blended together to make a cool sound.  At first I wanted to say they were a pop rock group, but that's not what they are at all - they've got an indie vibe to their sound.  I think what caught my attention the most were the cool rhythm sequences and catchy melodies.  Their sound is pretty chill and mellow, and I imagine  myself relaxing in a dark lounge sipping on coffee.  They kind of remind me of Pete and Pirates, a band from England that played at the venue I worked at for SXSW.

If you're in the mood for something different (in a good way), definitely check these guys out and get their music!  Go to their website for updated news and dates for shows around Texas and follow them on Twitter.  They'll be playing at The Parish October 27th at 7PM so mark your calendars!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My heart's a stereo....

Here's a familiar face from Dallas, Texas.  Tanner Patrick Howe is famously known for being the lead singer from former band, Disco Curtis.  Unfortunately the band has dissolved and Tanner is pursuing a solo act.  He's been working hard for the past year on his music and promises great things coming up this year.  In lieu of his new stuff coming out, he's released two cover songs, which I think are pretty good.  I was expecting something mediocre, but Tanner has impressed me.  I think I'll actually consider getting his new stuff.

(Not gonna lie, I kinda like his version of "Pumped Up Kicks" better than the original.  Maybe I'm biased.)