Monday, February 17, 2014

Wrecking Ball Cover Music Video

HELLO EVERYONE!  Been busy with a lot of stuff, but here is one exciting thing happening today!  My release of my cover music video of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball!"  Check it out and share it with all your friends and family!  (:

Director | Director of Photography | Editor: Myles Beltran
Music | Gaffer: Joshua Duggan
Special Thanks: Matthew Speer

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cody Jasper Self-Titled Album Review

I’m not gonna lie: when I read the name Cody Jasper, I thought of the pop music genre – thank you, Cody Simpson.  I didn’t do any background research or anything and simply listened to the album raw, and to my surprise, Jasper’s got a rock and soul thing going on.

Overall, the tracks blend together and sound similar with the same generic song progression – guitar riffs and drum beats – but Jasper’s vocals outshine them both.  Most of the album exudes a slow rock sound with raspy, rough vocals that are entertaining and sometimes sexy.  However, his vocals really got me in his ballads, “Mona Lisa” and “Holy Water.”  He sings with a nice deep crisp sound that makes you feel the emotion and passion behind his words, which break your heart.

The album shows two caricatures of Jasper.  On one hand he can be the raunchy lustful lover, talking about drugs and sex, but on the other, he can be a sweet and heartfelt lover, yearning for your touch. 6/10