Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Christina Grimmie - "Tell My Mama" Music Video

On Oct. 4, 2013, my girl, Grimms, released her debut music video for the single, "Tell My Mama," off of her recent album release With Love.  Grimmie doesn't shy away from her love of gaming and comics with the utilization of a comic book theme to unfold the video's narrative.  The video aesthetics include technicolor color schemes throughout, the speech and thought bubbles popping up, and not to mention, characters with hidden super powers.  That's probably what I loved most about the video - it's visuality.

One thing that didn't make sense to me was the lacking presence of Grimm's mama.  The video follows Grimms and the "bad boy," Luke, and their time spent together, which does make sense.  However, the song lyrics make an emphasis on her mom's opinion of the boy and ultimately Grimm's relationship with her mom, so I expected Mom to be more of a major and obstacle-driven character.

Overall, the song is super catchy and easy to sing along to.  It's upbeat tempo will make you wanna dance around and daydream about the cute guy you've got your eye on.  Take a gander at the music video!  It'll be entertaining because you're basically reading a comic book in live action!