Wednesday, November 30, 2011

All Time Low - Time Bomb music video

The first thing that I wake up to on my phone this morning is this lovely music video right here that I've been patiently waiting for for the last few days, and it's a great way to start my day.  All Time Low releases their music video for "Time Bomb."

I very much enjoyed this video and not because it's my favorite track on the record.  I think this might be their first one to have a legit narrative accompanying the band performance because their videos usually include them playing the song and them messing around in the video (especially for "I Feel Like Dancin'"), but I digg this.  What's also cool is that although at first you may think, "wtf?" I still appreciate the reference made in this video.  And what is that reference?  Go watch the video and find out yourself!

Le sigh.  Ten days until these guys will be in Dallas.  It's in big permanent marker letters on my calendar over there on my wall.  Such a shame.  The video makes me want to see them live again because they always put on an awesome show, but alas I can't.  Aside from that, they've really come a long way, and I'm so proud of what they've accomplished in just a few short years.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

While We're Up

It's been awhile since I've done a band profile post, but here's one!  This band, While We're Up, sent me one of their songs to listen to via YouTube, and fortunately for them I actually did cause usually I ignore those messages.  The song is called "Hold," and it's a slow love ballad with sweet words that would make any girl's heart melt.

"Hold" - While We're Up

Aside from the love song to induce some winter cuddling, While We're Up is normally an unsigned acoustic pop rock band from Tempe, Arizona, and they sound like it for sure.  Their songs have a happy feel to it and could potentially brighten anyone's day.  You don't even have to listen to the lyrics - just listen to the music and the vocal melodies.  This boy duo definitely give off a coffee shop vibe, but if they get signed, I could see them doing some tours.  Give them a listen!

Monday, November 28, 2011

The After Party - California Music Video

Surprise, surprise!  Nearly a few days after they release their single, "California," The After Party boys release a music video to go along with it!  The video has a more serious tone to it than their previous ones, and it's a good video nonetheless!  It shows the guys living life on the road and their touring adventures - I see footage all the way from when they played Kansas City Warped Tour this passed summer.  It's a nice little video, and I enjoyed it a lot.  It makes me more excited to see them in a few days!

Be sure to spare about four minutes of your time to watch this video and also buy their single on iTunes!

Blackout by Breathe Carolina on the radio

So a shocking discovery was made over the holiday break: Breathe Carolina is on the effing radio!  My sister and I are just cruising on the road when I hear "Blackout" - their recent hit single - and I nearly stop the car and flip shit!  As some people would put it, "That shit cray!"  This is the first (okay second) time that an "underground" band that I listen to is on mainstream radio; the first being The Ready Set's "Love Like Woe."

Not that I'm not happy for this great achievement, but there is always that small "hipster" part of me that is thinking, "Well that's great.  Everyone is going to fall in love with them and I'll have to stop listening to them," which I refuse to do because I really do love Breathe Carolina (with thanks to my best friend for introducing me to them).  The thing is..."Blackout" is probably one of my least favorite songs on the album, but hey - it's got a nice beat to it and it's catchy therefore radio-worthy.  It's been said that half of their latest album, Hell is What You Make It, is half radio-friendly songs and the other half is their usual heavy sound.  I much prefer the heavier songs on their album than the radio stuff they put out, but it's whatever.

"Blackout" - Breathe Carolina

Another factor that might have to do with their recent exposure is that they are going on tour with Flo Rida.  Enough said.

Congrats to Breathe Carolina for making it onto the radio, but I hope to be able to see them live again before they get too big!

Friday, November 25, 2011

The After Party - California

At midnight, my buddies from The After Party released their single called "California," and they're currently featured on the homepage of Purevolume.  Much like Rocky Loves Emily, the boys have toned it down from their usual upbeat sound with a calm acoustic sound.  It's a sweet ballad about wanting to venture to the lovely state of California (or perhaps for a certain girl they're serenading to).  I remember hearing this song live back in February, and I couldn't wait for them to release it!  Be sure to listen to the song (below) and if you like it, buy it on iTunes!

Starting in Janurary they will be touring with Allstar Weekend and will be coming back to Texas, but this Friday I will finally be seeing these fellas in San Antonio with my best friend.  We are incredibly stoked!!  It's been way too long since we've all seen each other.  There is no doubt in my mind that they will put on a great show - they never disappoint.

All Time Low - Time Bomb teaser

FINALLY.  All Time Low releases something regarding their upcoming music video for "Time Bomb."  I've probably watched this bit of 21 seconds about ten times already because it's just that amazing.  Just a disclaimer: they're one of my favorite bands, so that's why I'm more compelled to watching this teaser multiple times; plus it's my favorite song on their last album!  There hasn't been an official release date announced yet, but it's "Coming Soon!"

Again, All Time Low will be performing in Dallas December 10th for Unsilent Night, and sadly I cannot be there.  Besides that, I've been hearing rumors that they will be playing Warped Tour 2012, but there is no confirmation because bands haven't been officially announced by the Warped Tour website.  That would be awesome though if All Time Low played at 2012 cause then I would definitely go see them!


Not really a music related post, but I thought this was interesting.  My favorite band, I See Stars, is featured on episode two of "The Warrior Show," - episode one featured the band, Asking Alexandria.  I've never seen it, never heard of it, but it looks intense.  From this trailer it seems as though the boys of ISS will be put through the workout/training of their life, but why?  They're super skinny as it is!  Anyway, the show looks interesting, and I'm sure that the warrior life is interesting for them as well!  Maybe I'll check this out just to see what happens!

Punk Goes Pop Vol. 4 Streaming!

After much anticipation, "Punk Goes Pop Vol. 4" released on Monday, November 21st, and the album sounds great!  All your favorite radio hits covered by your favorite punk/alternative/hardcore scene bands compiled onto one album!  Check out it out!

Rocky Loves Emily - I'm Not a Dang Polar Bear, I'm a Human Being

Recently the boys from Rocky Loves Emily released a Christmas single called "I'm Not a Dang Polar Bear, I'm a Human Being."  (Also available for purchase on iTunes)  Don't let the song title confuse you cause it's a cute song that presents a more chill (pun intended) sound from their usual upbeat pop rock.  The song epitomizes the ultimate Christmas song sound - I can imagine a music video with them singing outside in the snow with Christmas lights in the background.  What a great way to start the holiday season!

Rocky Loves Emily will be embarking on their Secret Santa tour with Move Out West starting December 9th, but unfortunately they will not be stopping in Texas.  For my dedicated readers who are in other parts of the US, check out their tour dates to see if they'll be stopping by your city!  They put on a great live show, so don't miss it!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

I had a wonderful thanksgiving yesterday with my family, and I hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving as well!  Just wanted to make a quick post to say thankful I am to have all the readers I've obtained in the past two months!  It warms my heart to see my stats everyday and see that I have readers not only from the states but from around the world!  I started this blog for a class but now it's grown to be a part of my life, and I'm happy to know that other people like reading it!  So once again thank you, thank you to all my dedicated readers!

Siri Svay

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Runner Runner - We are the World Tonight

Runner Runner released a new single this week by the name of "We are the World Tonight."  Been awhile since I've heard anything from these guys - which was expected since the lead singer, Ryan, got married recently (my utmost congratulations!).


The song is a bit slower than their usual upbeat stuff, but I can digg it.  It's still a fun song about enjoying life, and I can imagine raising our drinks in the air and singing along with them.  If you're having a down day, take a listen to this.

Zelda Medley

I have to make one nerdy post.  The last one I made was waayy back in September with the "Songs of Storm" dubstep remix (I'm pretty sure).  Anyway, I stumbled upon this beautiful medley from the Smosh guys of YouTube.  I'm quite a fan of this video.  If you like Zelda or if you like violin, this video is for you!

Speaking of Smosh...and Zelda...these two hilarious guys posted the video down below about nine hours ago, and it's pretty great.  You should check it out!  They do a lot of parodies that are actually funny, and I recommend watching them!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kenneth Rivera

It's been about two years since my dear friend, Kenneth (Kenny) Rivera, departed from the suburbs of Houston, Texas to spread his wings and fly to the crazy world that is Los Angeles, California.  Since his graduation, he has been working nonstop, and once he arrived in L.A., he went on a mission to reach for the stars.  I couldn't possibly tell you all the countless accomplishments he's told me about from the past two years...theatrical productions, tours, writing music, dancing on TV...just to name a few.

Two of the biggest things he's achieved, in my opinion, is the release of his debut single, "B Who U R," (with below music video) and becoming a dancer for the Nickelodeon hit show, Victorious, which you should watch and look for him!  I remember being ecstatic when I found out that he had a music video coming out, and it looks like a lot of fun.  The song itself (available on iTunes) is an empowering song about loving yourself and embracing who you are without giving a damn what other people think about you.  Quite the inspiring tune.

Currently, Kenny is in the process of writing more music and working on another music video.  Follow him on Twitter to get instant updates about what he's doing, and to read more about his journey in detail, read this feature article about him!

Ever since I've known Kenny, his passion was always (and will continue to be) about music.  One summer I visited California, and it was amazing to catch up with him and hear all of the wonderful stories about his new life in L.A.  His journey has been a great one so far, but I'm sure that it's far from over.  I cannot say enough how proud I am of him and how much he's accomplished!  It's unreal for me to see him pursuing his wildest dreams - just imagine how he must feel!  Be on the lookout guys, he's the next big thing.  He is the sweetest guy you will ever meet and probably one of the most inspiring.  Hopefully one day I can embark on my own musical journey and join him in Hollywood, but until then, I wish him all the best and can't wait to see what's next!

I See Stars - Til the World Ends cover

After much anticipation, Punk Goes Pop Volume 4 released I See Stars' rendition of Britney Spears's "Til the World Ends."  What can I possibly say?  I love it.  I will admit that at first I thought that it was just a mere carbon copy of Britney's song with some moderate tweaking, but what was really getting me was that I wasn't getting a full sense of the I See Stars guys.  That is until I hate the 3:21 mark then I was extremely happy.  Another note, I love Devin's voice, but at some points of the song I couldn't tell if it was really him singing or if they incorporated parts of Britney's vocals as well.  You have to admit his voice is normally really high when he sings, so anyone could have made that honest mistake.  Other than that, I still love this cover, and I'm even more excited for the album to be released next week!

The Dangerous Summer music video - No One's Gonna Need You More

The Dangerous Summer released their music video for "No One's Gonna Need You More." Normally you'd think this was just another punk/alternative rock band, but it's really not.  Besides the captivating and somewhat raspy vocals of AJ Perdomo, the song lyrics aren't typical of most bands.  Usually, I think bands try to have catchy lyrics that sometimes don't make much sense or they're simple little rhymes, but The Dangerous Summer's songs are deep.  Forget that the song is upbeat, listen to the words, and it's almost as if AJ is pouring his heart and soul to whoever the lucky woman he chose to serenade this to.

I was supposed to see them tonight at Emo's East with Hit the Lights, but unfortunately they had to pull from the tour lineup due to circumstances beyond their control.  In the meantime, I think I'll take a listen to their latest album from the summer, War Paint, and you should too!

Alyssa Bernal releases debut album!

Remember when I went to San Antonio last month to see Tyler Ward?  Remember the talented San Antonio girl who opened up for him?  Well as of today, Alyssa Bernal released her anticipated debut album, Love Hangover, which is now available on iTunes!

I have not purchased it yet, but I do recognize some of the songs she played at the Tyler Ward show.  Her pop sound is coated with really pretty (and I do mean pretty) vocals that will put a smile on your face and could possibly turn your sad and rainy day - like today - into a sunny and happy one (I recommend listening to "Soaking Up the Sun" for that).  As I mentioned in my concert post about her, I definitely still urge you to listen to "Cali, Cali, Cali" - it's catchy, it's fun, and it's easy to sing along with.  Also on this album are collaborations with Pharrell in the song "One of Us Gotta Leave" and Jason Wade in "Hold Me Tight," which sound like two more awesome compositions.

Alyssa is a sweet girl with lots of talent and has been patiently waiting for her album to drop, so you should check it out and maybe buy it!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Let's Drive to Juneau

A few days ago, the lead singer of this band, Juneau, followed me on my Tumblr site so naturally I had to check them out.  Not to be confused by the name of the character in the actual movie played by Ellen Page, Juneau is another Houston-based band!

Although they don't have actual music on their Facebook, they do have it on Reverb Nation.  There are three songs on there: "Drive," "Bittersweet Surprise," and "Secrets."  If you're looking for upbeat music to get your day started, listen to "Drive" and/or "Secrets," and if you want something mellow or heartfelt, listen to "Bittersweet Surprise."  Their more upbeat songs are somewhat reminiscent of the band, Honor Bright, who unfortunately decided to call it quits this summer.  They both have a sound that is borderline rock going into pop rock (especially "Secrets"), but I feel that Juneau is lending itself in the direction of pop rock.

I'm gonna say that I like this band especially because I really love the guitar.  If they came back around to playing shows in Texas, I would definitely see them.  Right now they're preparing for a couple of non-local shows in Winsconsin touring alongside Rookie of the Year, so hopefully they play shows here again!


I realize this cover video was released back in September (where has the semester gone?!), but one of my friends who occassionally does photography for There For Tomorrow showed this to me earlier and I really like it.

Maika Maile (such a beautiful name), lead singer of There For Tomorrow, recorded a cover version of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen as a tribute to Jeff Buckley.  This song is incredibly pretty, and it's interesting to see this rocker maintaining the prettiness of it.  There are still hints of a rock sound, but I feel as if it's sublte and still staying true to the song.  On top of that, Maika's sweet and vulnerable voice is to die for.  Normally, I've always heard it really strong and powerful, but in this cover, it's still powerful but in a soft way - if you can make sense of that.  Listening to this song puts me in deep thought about life, and all I need to do now is light a candle in my pitch black room.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Big Time Rush at an All Time Low?

Fans of Baltimore boys, All Time Low, attack Nickelodeon hunks, Big Time Rush, for ripping off ATL's song, "No Idea."  BTR has released a song with the same title and the same chorus.  The verses and bridge are different, but the chorus is the exact same.

(All Time Low - rockified "No Idea")

(Big Time Rush - poppified "No Idea")

Now I will admit that I had a similar reaction to just hearing about this incident, but after listening to both songs, I have to say that although I am disappointed that Big Time Rush's song sounds almost exactly like All Time Low's, it just might be a good publicity stunt.  The sounds of the songs are obviously different, but there's no denying that the chorus is straight up the same line by line and note by note.

Shockingly enough, no address to the issue has been made - at least there isn't any from either of the bands' Twitters.  I wonder if All Time Low is aware of the current predicament because I'm pretty sure fans would blow up the band's Twitter about Big Time Rush stealing their music.  If they do, it wouldn't surprise me that they'd all handle it with professionalism and with the absence of hostility.

Honestly, I do love both groups, but it is a little weird to hear the same song from both.  I hope that this music sharing was talked about between both groups, and if it wasn't and BTR decided to release this song without ATL's acknowledgment, disappointment would loom the air because I personally love ATL's "No Idea."  If anything, this really ought to be a great opportunity for ATL to gain more fans and popularity because with any situation such as this, people will make a big deal about it and cause interest and/or curiosity to innocent bystanders who will feel obligated to hear the original song.  This incident could be an awesome way to sell more albums too.  ATL's dropped over the summer, so BTR could potentially help spark the initiative to buy Dirty Work.  BTR's album drops on the 21st, so regardless of the song or not, their album will sell.

Friday, November 11, 2011

What Happened In Vegas stays in Vegas

Check out What Happened In Vegas's new music video "Clearwater."  I stumbled upon these guys' MySpace page about two years ago, and I think they're quite awesome sauce.  They're are an unsigned rock band from Michigan, and I wish they could pay a visit to Texas.  

I felt a little sense of Panic! At the Disco - lookswise and some soundwise - which is a good thing for me.  The song is definitely head-nod worthy, and I could probably listen to it while I'm doing anything: homework, working out, taking a shower, walking on campus, jamming in the car, and much more.  I'm sure if I saw this live, then it would be even more awesome because I feel like these guys could put on a great live show.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm just Killin' Time

Hellogoodbye released a new song, "Killin' Time," today, and I'm enjoying it right now.  It's kind of got this 50s happy-go-lucky feel to it like something you could pay a nickel to hear out of a jukebox or something.  I can even picture a self-made music video with a vintage look...cruising down an empty road on a Vespa, walking along the beach, and other relaxing activities.  The sound of the song is definitely different from the type of sound I associate with Hellogoodbye which is the electronic pop (famously "Here In Your Arms"), but I still like this new release!  I wonder when they'll be touring again.  Last time I saw them was last fall in San Antonio when they were touring with 3OH!3.  Hopefully they'll announce some good news soon!

Hellogoodbye - Killin' Time by itshellogoodbye

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Great news!

One of my lovely friends, Vicci, recently got added to the staff at Line In a Song and wrote her first "Artist Spotlight" for the site and even has her own snazzy bio too!  You should check it out because I think she's a fabulous writer and her passion for music really shines through her words.  I love reading all of her stuff!

From what I can see Line in a Song is a music site with lots to play with.  On the home page there's news updates about different bands from different genres of music.  Along the tabs there are interviews, a photo gallery, and album reviews.  The site is fairly new, but I think I might add this to my favorites on my computer.  Not only because Vicci is a part of the writing staff now but also because just from skimming through the various tabs and scrolling through the news updates, the site appeals to me and my music tastes.

We were just Kids In Love

Night number two was another success!  Got to see all five bands perform, and I'm pooped.  The bands that played tonight were The Make, There For Tomorrow, You Me At Six, We Are the In Crowd, abd Mayday Parade.  What do these bands have in common?  Their pop rock and alternative sound and they all have had albums released recently.

The Make, hailing from Chico, California, embarks on their first tour.  If you're looking for a good pop rock group, this is it.  Generally all of their songs are upbeat, but it wasn't quite upbeat enough to cause the crowd to get rowdy.  Lead singer, Jeff, even addresses the awkwardness that is silence among the audience.  The crowd tonight was much less than the previous night, but the bands still taunted it for more screaming.

The best part of their performance was the female guitarist, Sarah Ann.  In lamest terms, she is a bad ass.  She sang, played electric and acoustic guitar, played two keyboards, and messed with the mixer.  She juggled all these different instruments flawlessly, so I was impressed.  I'd say that these guys have a good chance to break out into the pop rock and alternative scene if they stick to their catchy tunes and quirky performance.

Second to play were Florida natives, There For Tomorrow.  I wish these fellas were more popular because they always put on a great show.  I love their music  a lot because their songs have infectious beats and vocals that could make you melt.  Visually, they all get into the zone, and whenever they play, the audience feels out of their element because the intense bass vibrates your entire body.  My personal favorite thing about this band's performance is watching the drummer, Chris Kamrada.  He alone really gets into his drumming almost as if every stroke is an explosion of energy.  He even does cool drum stick tricks while he's playing - an entertaining observation.  They played a mix of old songs and new songs from their latest album, The Verge, and they sound really good.  I can't wait to listen to the album in its entirety.  Don't know which song to listen to first?  I'd go with "Hunt, Hunt, Hunt."

This band right here came all the way from the UK.  They call themsevles You Me At Six.  Signed with Virgin records, these guys exert a rock sound that makes you wanna jump up and down to the drumbeat.  All their songs made me wanna dance because of their incredible catchiness.  On a side note, I'm personally a fan the lead singer's accent and the quirky character he plays onstage because that added more fun to the performance.  I think it's awesome when bands interact with the audience because it shows how much they love being onstage performing.  Especially if the band is from overseas, that's a great deal to be touring with US bands.  After this tour, they'll be coming back to Austin in January 2012, and I can hardly wait!

The band to play before the headliner was We Are The In Crowd.  What's cool about these guys is that there are two vocalists: a girl and a boy - Taylor Jardine and Jordan Eckes.  When they perform, they sing duets and they sing in a conversational way in which their lyrics respond back to each other.  We Are The In Crowd is another pop rock band, but I'm not quite sure how I feel about them.  I can't deny that their songs are good and somewhat catchy, but I did not react to them.  Usually whenever I'm at a show, I'm always moving to the music whether it's a simple nodding of the head, jumping, or maybe even dancing, but when they were performing, I was completely still.  I started spacing out and that never happens, so I guess my conclusion is that I'm not into them.  They didn't WOW me enough to push me to listen to more of their music.  Although their presence is similar to the band, Hey Monday, I simply couldn't get into We Are The In Crowd.  With Hey Monday, I'm captivated by Cassadee Pope's amazing vocal performance where as with Taylor Jardine, I could barely hear her and when she needed to soar in the stratosphere with her voice, she pulled the mic too far from her mouth that ultimately we didn't hear any vocals.  In essence, I was not too impressed with We Are The In Crowd.

Finally, the headliner of The Noise Tour, Mayday Parade.  Mayday Parade never ceases to amaze me.  They know how to perform and always deliver.  Words can't even describe how awesome they performed last night.  I hadn't seen them since...I can't even remember the last time I saw them, but now I remember why I listen to them.  Not gonna lie, I was not crazy about their last self-titled album, but after last night I think I might give it another chance.  They too played a mix of old songs with the new, and for this set, I was dancing like no one was watching.  The crowded was jumping, fist pumping, cheering, singing along, and going crazy.  Even when they slowed things down with a couple of ballads with just Derek (lead singer) singing and playing piano, the performance was phenomenal.  Lighters went up in the sky and we all sang along with him.  They played an encore of two more songs before they left the stage, and I felt as if their set was so quick.  I didn't want them to leave!  Needless to say, last night was another great show, and I will definitely go see them again whenever they decide to drop by Austin again!  If you're interested, go listen to "Anywhere But Here" or "Kids in Love" - you won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Welcome to The End of the World Party

Another successful show tonight!  Only saw three out of five bands due to me having class until 7PM:  I See Stars, IWRESTLEDABEARONCE, and Of Mice & Men.  According to the That's Outrageous' drummer, Max Wrye, they played first, and they have a sound that's similar to I See Stars - pop mixed with hardcore.  I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed to have missed their set, but I will take a listen to their music and write about them for my next "New Band of the Week."
Disregard the blurred quality
When I arrived at Emo's East, I See Stars was finalizing their stage setup.  Perfect timing.  Unfortunately, these guys only played four songs due to technical difficulties.  After talking with several people, the situation was that their mixer/sampler was not working therefore they "couldn't play" their songs.  I realize their sound effects and whatnot are important to them, but I think they still could have played their set without it.  They have fans there who paid money to see them, and the band's gonna cut it short because they couldn't get their laptop to sync up?  Well, they made that decision, and what's done is done.

Regardless of the shorter set-list, they still did an awesome performance.  To go on with the show, they performed three songs off their first album and closed with their hit single from their second album (and my personal favorite), "The End of the World Party" (below).  As always, I See Stars had great energy on stage.  Devin (lead singer) did cool microphone tricks, and the rest of the band played their instruments and danced in sync with each other, which is a common performance technique utilized by Michigan bands.  With much disappointment, their performance was cut short, but they will be back headlining in January with an hour and a half set!

("The End of the World Party")

The next band to perform was IWRESTLEDABEARONCE (I Wrestled A Bear Once).  They brought utter chaos to the venue.  All their movements onstage were incredibly intense - I thought the guitarist was going to fling his guitar at me.  In all honesty, I probably wouldn't listen to this band on my own time, but there's no denying that they put on a great show.  What impressed me the most is that their lead singer/screamer is a girl, which I've never seen before.  She can seamlessly change from singing with a pretty voice to a hardcore scream in a second.  That's pretty awesome. 

An interesting aspect to their music is that it can be unpredictable.  Sometimes when a band plays, even if you're not familiar with their songs, you can figure it out as it progresses, but with IWRESTLEDABEARONCE, it's completely different.  For the most part, you can figure out the songs, but sometimes they'll play a fast section of the song then instantly transition to a slow section.  They even included elements of (what I wanna call) "Louisiana" sounds, which is where they're from.  I have to say that they did strike a chord with me, and I wouldn't mind seeing them again.  I feel as if I can only see them live and completely forget about buying or downloading their music.

Last but not least, Of Mice & Men.  I wrote about them in my previous post for "New Band of the Week," and they definitely did not disappoint me.  Seeing them live is a whole different experience than just simply listening to their albums, which could also be said about many other bands, but it holds extremely true to Of Mice & Men.  They too brought an immense amount of energy and their performance was insane.  They literally controlled the crowd and told them what to do, and everyone in the audience was pumped up.

My friend and I were not close to the pit but close enough to see it, and we still managed to get pushed and shoved and ran into.  That's how intense these guys made the crowd feel.  The bassist and vocalist, Shayley Bourget, has a phenomenal voice that will make you think, "Damn, he can really sing!"  What's amazing as well is that he claims to not being able to hear himself as they were performing because he didn't have the right earplugs, and I have to give him props for singing without them.  They really know how to perform, and it shows.  Even a little choreography was incorporated to their playing as well.  You can tell they're giving it their all onstage and can see they love doing what they do.

Tonight was genuinely great to say the least.  It's been awhile since I've been to a hardcore show like this...probably since the "Scream It Like You Mean It" tour, but this one was a lot more intense.  I can't wait for the show tomorrow night (or tonight I should say) and definitely can't wait to see another full performance by I See Stars in January!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Of Mice & Men

23 hours until I see these guys, Of Mice & Men.  I was supposed to see them perform at SXSW last year, but as soon as my friends and I got into the venue, they had literally just finished their set.  It was quite disappointing, but that all changes tomorrow night!  After eight months, I'm finally seeing this band.  The first song I heard from them was a cover song of "Blame It" (below) they recorded for Punk Goes Pop Vol. 3, and it isn't bad!

If you're not a fan of hardcore or screamo music, I suggest you skip this post.  Reigning from southern California, Of Mice & Men will be hardcore-ing it up as the headliner at Emo's East with my favorite band, I See Stars.  It's a win-win situation!  Their sound reminds me of Breathe Carolina (mainly because of the vocals) except heavier with a rock sound and more screaming.  I guess I shouldn't make that comparison considering Breathe Carolina has a more electronic feel, but I can't help feel a sense of them during certain parts of Of Mice & Men's songs.  The songs are very upbeat, and it will definitely get some mosh dancers dancing their asses off.  Not sure what to listen to first?  I recommend "Second & Sebring."

I know some people might think hardcore and screamo music as being scary - believe me, I used to think that - but it's really not as scary as you think.  If anything, hardcore and screamo music can help vent anger and emotions out rather than keeping it bottled up inside and explode later, and in my opinion it's better than listening to "emo" music and slitting wrists (no offense intended).

Of Mice & Men is currently on the "Outbreak Tour" sponsored by Monster Energy until November 29th and then will set off on the "A Decade of Destruction" tour by Alternative Press right after. Be sure to check the dates and see them if you can!  They also released a new album titled The Flood, so check that out as well!

To end on a lighter note, I am excited to see what these guys can do.  I have no doubt that I See Stars will be phenomenal as always, so I hope that Of Mice & Men will be up to par or even better.

("Blame It")

Friday, November 4, 2011

Summer Medley 2011

I don't know how many of you know these two YouTube music fellows: Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui.  They're notorious for making awesome cover songs and videos together.  My favorite songs that they post are mainly the medleys.  The medleys can be numerous songs by one artist compiled into one or summer song medleys that fuse all the popular summer hits into one song, and the summer 2011 medley is up for downloadNot only do Kurt and Sam make videos of cover songs, but they have filmed music videos for original songs too - I recommend watching those too!

Aside from the music aspect of their work, they have been filming College Musical, which I want to believe is a somewhat parody of High School Musical.  The songs written for this musical are absurd and incredibly exaggerated, but they're hilarious!  If you want a good laugh, I'd go watch the first episode right now!  I've been patiently anticipating the release of it, but it still hasn't come out yet...what gives?!

Amely break up

On Tuesday, November 1st, Florida-based boy band, Amely, announced their unfortunate breakup.  They posted the disheartening message on Facebook:

"Dear friends, family, and dearest fans,

We regret the news that many of you have feared, but the time has come where Amely is no more.

This decision did not come lightly and was the effect of a great ... number of things that seemed beyond our control. It has been a more than amazing journey with our best friends and this destination we've now reached is not an end, it is a new beginning. Although we have been extremely discouraged by the discourse that fell upon us, we have not let it knock us down and we hope that you can stay strong with all of us.

Since the start of this year and even before that we have been writing for what we intended to be our first full-length album. As the chance to professionally produce our music appeared to grow further in distance we took it upon ourselves to record the songs that we had poured our hearts into. After combining the diverse and plenty skills of all 4 of us, these home recordings are all that's left of Amely. We believe this is some of our greatest work and we want to be able to share it with you. Though it may come as a parting gift, we hope this collection of songs finds you well. It may be the remains of Amely, but we hope it reminds you, this is not the end.

- Petie, Brandon, Patrick, and Nate"
 Along with this, the guys also posted a farewell video reminiscing about all the memories they've made as a band.

Before Amely takes its final bow, they're releasing an EP on iTunes and Spotify November 21st titled The Raliegh Sessions.  As a teaser for the album, they released a single, "Back to Love," (below) which will be on iTunes on Monday, November 7th.  If you're a fan of pop rock, I definitely recommend this band.

I never got the chance to see or hear these guys live, and I'm saddened that I wlil never be able to. In general, it's upsetting when a band decides to call it quits. I've seen it happen so much, and it's disappointing.  Though I disagree with the decision to call it quits, I hope the guys of Amely continue to keep music alive and never stop chasing their dreams.

("Back to Love")